• 100% Wild Civet Arabica Coffee Beans from Golden Malabar farm in West Java, Indonesia. It is one of the only two coffee estates that has Civet Coffee Certificate officially issued by Indonesia Government.
  • Medium Roast. Full body with Cocoa, Caramel and Berries notes.
  • Fresh Roasted in USA.
  • Micro-batch roasting to deliver its best flavor and aroma. Prior to roasting, all defective green beans are hand picked and removed to ensure the clean taste of the coffee.
  • Golden Malabar farm owns a Rehabilitation Center that has released hundreds of wild civets from the original native area. Civets come in the night to pick the sweetest coffee cherries as snacks. When they finished, the wild civets will leave their digested waste in the farm. In early morning, farmers will pick and collect the wild Luwak beans back for the refining of Kopi Luwak.

100% Indonesia Kopi Luwak Wild Civet Arabica Coffee

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  • 100% Wild Civet Arabica Coffee from Golden Malabar Farm in West Java region, Indonesia. Fresh Roasted in GA, USA by Belux Coffee. By Micro-Batch Roasting, we create unique roasting profile for this high quality coffee to deliver its best flavor and aroma. Defective beans are hand picked and removed before and after roasting to ensure clean taste. Belux Coffee sets high standard to only source the finest green beans from world famous coffee estates and green beans importers. All coffees are fresh roasted upon ordering. 4oz (113g)/ bag is about 8 cup servings.

  • We accept return for non-coffee items only. If you are not satisfied with your order, please return within 15 days from the date you received your product. Customer is responsible for shipping fee to return the product back to us.

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