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Jose Ignacio Gomez’s farm is located in Vereda el Naranjal near the
town of Buescao in the Nariño department. Paraiso’s Geisha variety
of coffee grows at altitudes of 1900 meters above sea level and sees
an average rainfall of 1800mm per year. Jose grew up in a coffee
producing family and has developed a good palate and an eye for
good coffee. He grows coffee on six and a half hectares alongside
oranges, lemons, and avocados. During the harvest, he, his family
and team of trained harvesters hand pick the ripe red cherry and
process the harvest in their own micro wet mill on the farm.

Jose is always looking to experiment and improve production, so he
was eager to try planting Geisha trees on his property, as several of
his colleagues have done. Nestled among the other varietals,
Paraiso’s Geisha trees are part of the farm’s greater ecosystem and
part of Jose’s ongoing trials to measure the success of different
kinds of coffee, both in terms of agronomic performance (yield,
pest, and plague resistance) and in terms of appeal to final roaster
clients, both in variety and process.


Tasting Notes: Honey, Mango, Pineapple, Orange Acidity.  


Origin: Colombia
Region: Nariño
Producer: Jose Ignacio Gomez Lopez

Farm: Finca El Paraiso
Process: Honey
Elevation: 1,900 meters
Variety: Geisha

Colombia Geisha Honey Process

  • 10oz (284g) Coffee Beans.  Medium Roast.  Fresh Roasted in U.S.A.

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