The climate and terrain of Hacienda El Obraje are major contributing factors to its coffee’s unique cup profile. Temperatures vary greatly in a day, from 32 degrees Celsius at noon to 8 degrees or less at night. In the rainy season, the humidity is high and it is nearly impossible to dry coffee on raised beds. Initially, planting shade trees would have been disadvantageous given the humidity, as they would have trapped too much moisture and caused diseases, but the coffee has adapted to its conditions and Obraje now has low-density shade trees planted along with coffee trees. The drastic daily change in temperature impacts the density of the coffee beans and also causes trees to be smaller and more compact than trees of the same varieties in other regions of Colombia.


Mr. Pablo Guerrero brought Gesha seeds from Panama in 2011 and started with 2,000 trees. Four years later, he planted another 7,000 trees, which are now in production. Gesha trees are planted with 3m distance between them to give their broad-stature branches room to grow. Gesha cherries are selectively harvested when they are at full maturity and have a red-purple color.


Cherries are fermented for 20 hours in cherry in the same bags pickers use. Cherries are selectively harvested for ripeness and also sorted by floatation. After depulping, coffee is dry fermented for another 24 hours and then fully washed, concluding with a second floatation sort.  Washed coffee typically dries for an average of 16 days on raised beds or four days in the mechanical parchment combustion dryer, where it receives a hot air flow of 30 degrees Celsius.  


Tasting notes

Lemonade, Kiwi, Orange Blossom, Herbaceous


Origin: Colombia
Region: Narino

Farm: El Obraje
Process: Washed
Elevation: 2,200 meters
Variety: Geisha

Roast: Medium Light


Photo by Ally Coffee and El Obraje

Colombia Gesha Washed El Obraje

  • Coffee Beans.  Medium Light Roast.  Fresh Roasted in U.S.A.


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