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Carlos Mauricio Lemus Landaverde is a young producer who inherited his father’s 4-hectare farm after his father, Jose Maria Lemus, passed away in a car accident. Carlos is following in his father’s and family’s footsteps with regards to quality, though, and was awarded as the ninth-place winner in the 2017 El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition.

Honey coffees are on the rise in El Salvador, and typically the coffees are picked ripe and depulped the day they're harvested, then spread on patios or raised beds to dry in their mucilage for 20–25 days.


About the region - 

Chalatenango, the "valley of water and sand", is El Salvador's coolest and northern-most region. Historically, the country's top coffees have come from western El Salvador. In 2007, though, a Chalatenango pacamara won the Cup of Excellence bringing the region and variety center stage. 


Origin: El Salvador
Region: Chalatenango
Producer: Carlos Mauricio Lemus Landaverde

Farm: Pena Redonda
Process: Honey
Elevation: 1,500-1,550 meters
Variety: Pacamara

Notes: Cocoa, cooked grape and praline flavors. Sugary sweetness and tart acidity.

El Salvador Pacamara Honey

  • Coffee Beans.  Medium Roast.  Fresh Roasted in U.S.A.


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