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We are tasting three outstanding Kenya coffees in November plus the winner lot of Pride of Gesha Auction in Ethiopia.  If you are a fan of African coffee, don't miss this special coffee event! 


Coffee information - 


1. Kenya Kirinyaga Thirikwa Gakuyuini AA

Notes of Passion Fruit, Lemon, Herbal, Blackberry, Caramel


2. Kenya Nyeri Barichu Karindundu AA

Notes of Cranberry, Grapefruit, Dark Chocolate



Notes of Grapefruit, black tea, nougat, caramel


4. Ethiopia Pride of Gesha Winner Lot 


Since 2017, Gesha Village has offered the best quality coffee through auction and attracted buyers all around the world to bid on those exquisite coffees. This year 2019, over 130 lots were evaluated - 13 lots scored 88 points or above which are categorized as Farm Reserve and the 7 lots scored 90 points or above are categorized as Champions Reserve.  The winner lot earned 93.47 points with auction price over a hundred dollars per pound of green beans.  We only have limited q'ty for this event.  Truely a luxury coffee to taste. 


Auction Lot# GVA.RSV.1a

Farm: Surma

Variety: Gesha 1931

Score: 93.47

Process: Natural

Tasting Profile: Floral qualities of Jasmin and honeysuckle. Balanced delicate sweetness of stonefruit, molasses and papaya.  


$30/ppl.  Coffee and dessert included.  

Kenya Coffees + Ethiopia Gesha Auction Coffee Tasting

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