Works like a pepper grinder but for coffee beans.  Easy to carry along when travel or storage in your kitchen cabinet.  Comes with lid so you can grind and storage ground coffee.  One of the most economy and functional hand grinders in the market.  


Brand: HARIO

Model No. MMCS-2B

Grinding mechanism: Burr
Type: Manual
Feature: Adjustable Grind
Bean capacity: 3.5 oz bean capacity



Handle : Aluminum

Cover : Methacrylate resin

Lid, Grip, Main body (Hopper) : Polypropylene

Non-slip cover, Body ring : Silicone rubber

Glass bowl : Heatproof glass

Glass bowl : MADE IN JAPAN

Mill (Main body), Handle, Non-slip cover, Lid : MADE IN CHINA

Hario Hand Grinder - Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Pro

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