In this tasting event, we will use Chemex to brew three Pacamara coffees - two of them are auction lot coffees.  We will talk about the history of Pacamara variety and introduce all three farms while brewing.  We will use flavor wheels to guide everyone to taste and pair with dried and fresh fruits, spices and herbs to help everyone to identify coffee flavors.  There's a lot to explore in this tasting so join us for a fun and educative coffee event!             


1.  Yellow Pacamara Natural (Auction lot) –  EL Limoneillo farm from Fincas Mierisch, Nicaragua


2. Red Pacamara Natural – Santa Felisa Coffee Estate, Guatemala


3. Pacamara Pandora Washed (Auction lot) – El Injerto Estate, Guatemala


$30 per person, includes coffee and light dessert.  

Premium Coffee Tasting - All About Pacamara