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This month's coffee tasting we have three Pacamara coffees, all natural process but from three different highly reputable coffee estates.  This is a very unique way to compare the same varietal across different farms and learn how micro climate and different geography impact coffee flavors.  


About Pacamara varietal:


Hybrid of Pacas and Maragogype.  Capable of producing exceptional cup quality. Very high susceptibility to coffee leaf rust. Variety not uniform; plants are not stable from one generation to the next. 


Source: https://varieties.worldcoffeeresearch.org/varieties/pacamara


1.Natural Process Pacamara from Guatemala El Injerto Estate
Farm Name: El Injerto Estate

Country: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetenango

Coffee Name: PANDORA Pacamara Dry Process


DRY PROCESS or also called NATURAL process. These well-selected beans are cleaned up in water tanks before drying them in patios for 3 to 5 days (depeding on the weather) then in Guardiola driers at low temperatures 72 hours approximately.We have learned that this drying method helps to concentrate the fruit flavors of the dry or natural process in every variety, highlighting the notes or characteristics of each varietys.


Cupping Notes: A sweet fragrance, with notes of chocolate and caramel combined with the traditional fruity essence. In the flavor notes of brown sugar, berries, plum and ripe grapes. Very complex and balance coffee.


2. Red Pacamara Natural Process from Santa Felisa Estate 
Farm Name: Santa Felisa Estate
Country: Guatemala
Region: Acatenango  

Altitude: 1,560-1,800 meters.

Process: Slow Dry.  Took more than 30 days to dry in the African beds.


Fragrance and aroma brings red wine and fruit type of notes, with a complex acidity. Flavor of dry-plums, berries and red wine. Chocolate body is very consistent; with a lingering and persistent aftertaste that combines guava and raisins notes with some spices.


Santa Felisa is located in a micro-climate in the Acatenango Volcano Valley. The optimum weather conditions make for a slow ripening of the bean, capturing all of the nutrients necessary to make the perfect balance of carbonic acids resulting in a good cup profile.


3. Natural Process Pacamara from Colombia Cafe Granja La Esperanza

Country: Colombia

Farm: Las Margaritas
Variety: Pacamara
Region: Valle del Cauca, Caicedonia
Altitude: 1.570-1.850 masl


Fragrance and aroma: Brown sugar, passion fruit, vanilla, chocolate and cloves.
Taste and aftertaste: Plums, passion fruit, spiced with nutmeg, citrus grapefruit, black currant, citrus acidity, medium dense body, good sweetness, a profile with lots of character.


$30 per Guest, including coffee, dessert and a bag of 3oz fresh roasted auction grade coffee beans ($15 value).


**Free for Belux Coffee Club members**   

Pacamara Natural Process Coffee Tasting

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