2021 harvest from Panama Esmeralda Coffee Estate is here! Geisha coffee from Hacienda La Esmeralda oldest Jaramillo farm and the award winning Mario Lot. Natural process and slow dried on African Beds for 26 days. We are pleased to find blood orange, dried plum, honey notes in addition to Jasmine, Stone Fruit and Bergamot flavors, which makes a exquisite and delicate cup of pour over coffee.     


In this Tasting Event, we will brew this coffee and talk about Esmeralda Coffee Estate and their Geisha Coffee.  We also use flavor wheel and modified cupping form to help everyone identify the fragrance, Aroma, flavors, Aftertaste, Acidity and Body of the coffee.  


We will also brew a 2nd coffee from Esmeralda Coffee Estate but in different processing to compare.  If you never tried Esmeralda's highest grade Geisha, don't miss this opportunity.  


Panama Esmeralda Special Geisha Coffee Tasting