New harvest from Panama Esmeralda Coffee Estate!  This year's Esmeralda Special Geisha is here.  We still carry Geisha coffee from their oldest farm - Jaramillo but from a different lot called Noria.  We found more Citrus and Honey notes in this year's lot in addition to the Jasmine, Stone Fruit and Bergamot flavors.  Very exquisite and delicate cup of coffee.  Must try.  Great as pour over coffee.         


Noria 3SN is a part of the Esmeralda Special Reserve, an anward-winning coffee coleection that has garnered continuous international prizes since we first introduced it fifteen years ago.  It is sold by direct rade, outside of the Esmeralda Auction, in small quantities.


At Esmeralda we hand-pick the ripest, reddest cherries.  Our carefull attention ensures an elegant and complex cup, with notes of jasmine, stone fruit and bergamot.  Nurtured in the valcanic soils of Boquite and sprinkled with the mists of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, this is an exceptional Emseralda Geisha.  


Lot Name: Noria

Varietal: Geisha

Farm: Jaramillo

Region: Jaramillo

Lot Altitude: (+) 1,662 masl

Process: Slow dry natural process

Harvest Year: 2020

Drying Time: Slow dried on African Beds for 23 days

Notes: Jasmine, Stone Fruit, Candied Mandarin 

Roast: Medium 

Panama Geisha Esmeralda Special Natural - Noria Lot

  • 100% Geisha Coffee from Hacienda La Esmeralda, Panama. Fresh Roasted in GA, USA by Belux Coffee. This is the higest grade Geisha, Esmeralda Special Natural Processing offered by Esmeralda coffee estate. By Micro-Batch Roasting, we create unique roasting profile for this high quality coffee to deliver its best flavor and aroma. Defective beans are handpicked and removed before and after roasting to ensure clean taste. Belux Coffee sets high standard to only source the finest green beans from world famous coffee estate and green beans importers. All coffees are fresh roasted upon ordering. 

  • We accept return for non-coffee items only. If you are not satisfied with your order, please return within 15 days from the date you received your product. Customer is responsible for shipping fee to return the product back to us.

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