Alishan ("shan" is the meaning of "mountain" in Chinese) produce one of the best high mountain teas in the world.  Coffee from Alishan also has exquisite taste.  The high mountain area has a large temperature difference of +50 °F from day to night which delays the coffee cherry mature time for at least 2 months.  The place where this coffee is grown is beyond the sea of clouds with full sun lights during day time almost all year round.  In the afternoon, fogs appear and provide moisture in the air.  Under this special micro-climate, coffee has a high density, more complete flavor development and mellow taste.    


Songyue Coffee Manor started planting coffee trees 30 years ago and gains its reputation since 2005 when its coffee beans won Taiwan National Roasters Competition Championship.  After then, Songye won numerous awards due to its geographic advantage, rich soil and dedication of refining process and professional field management from the owner Kuo Chang-sheng.  Their most recent awards are 2020 Taiwan Yunlin National Coffee Competition First Prize, 2020 Taiwan Specialty Coffee Evalutation Gold Award, etc.


We visited them in November 2020 in Alishan and are excited to share this fabulous coffee to our customers!   


Country: Taiwan
Region: Alishan (Yunlin Gukeng)
Farm: Songyue Coffee Manor 
Variety: Typica
Altitude: +1,200 masl
Processing: Natural Process
Notes: Brown Sugar, Longan, Berries with aftertaste of Red Wine  


Taiwan Alishan Typica Natural

  • Whole Beans.  5oz (142g).  Medium Roast. 

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