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Our Story

Belux Coffee was founded in 2015 in Cumming, GA by Ben and Lucy, who love to sample various kinds of coffee, and thus began to source green beans and roast their own coffees due to the limited options offered in retail venues (not everyone is so lucky to live in metropolitan area!).  Our goal is to deliver premium quality specialty coffees to people around us, and all over the world, who enjoy brewing a nice cup of coffee in their everyday life, whether at home, at the office, or even outdoors.  From auction grade coffee beans to unique or rare varietals to coffee beans that we tasted and loved, we strive to provide a variety of coffees and options to meet different needs. We continue to try new samples and work with farms and importers to insure we are sourcing the highest quality green beans. Also, we micro-batch roast our coffee beans on demand, so our product is delivered fresh to our customers.  We hope that drinking coffee becomes a luxury experience for you and an experience that enhances every facet of your life!

Our Logo

At the time Belux Coffee was founded, we adopted our first pet, Bela (pronounced as Be-La), a Holland Lop rabbit from the Georgia House Rabbit Society.  He was three years old when we adopted him and had just been rescued from Louisiana a few weeks earlier.  He was very shy when first came to our home but turned into a very outgoing bunny. He also developed a great appetite! Bela brought so much joy and inspiration into our life that when we were designing our logo, we immediately thought about him!  This logo shows our love and care for our product and how our product has become part of our life.       

The Belux Way

All our coffees are micro-batch roasted. We create a unique roasting profile for each coffee in order for it to provide its best flavor and aroma. We source only the finest green beans from top-rated coffee farms and importers. We roast all our coffees on demand and deliver them fresh to you.

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