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Belux Coffee in Charleston, SC.

When we started building our official website, it popped out in our mind – we need great pictures! So photo shooting was on the to-do-list during our trip to Charleston, SC.

Charleston is one of our favorite towns in the Southeast; it is full of southern vibe in a very delicate way, local enough to experience all the great parts of southern culture (shrimp and grits, pan cakes, art crafts, fresh produce, etc.) but also creatively enough to transform those into a contemporary way.

One of our stops is Balzac Brothers, they generously offered their coffee lab for us to take pictures. We also did cuppings for two coffee beans while we were there – Costa Rica natural process and Ethiopia washed. Both have balanced acidity and body but the natural process really let the coffee beans’ flavor stand out we must say. The coffee lab is composed of three working stations with all kinds of coffee makers along the side, Chemex, V60, automatic dripping machine, etc., just name it. The people there was very friendly and knowledgeable about the green beans they carried.

We are grateful to have this opportunity to visit them. And sure will be back very soon to this charming old town!

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