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Single serve drip coffee 

Euipment: Cup, Electric Kettle or our one-cup Kettle.  
Suggested Coffee and Water Ratio: 10g of ground coffee to 170g of hot water (190-204°F)

Belux Coffee Single Serve Coffee
Step 1

Take one pack of Belux Single Serve Drip coffee.  

Once open the package, take out the single serve coffee filter.
Step 2

Open the package and each pre-packed filter contains 10g of ground coffee.   

Tear off the top of the single serve filter.
Step 3

Tear the top of the filter along the perforated line.  

Open the two sides of the single serve filter.
Step 4

Extend the filter hangers and place over the cup edge.  

Hang it over your mug and make sure the center top is pulled in.
Step 5

Please also make sure the front of the filter is also placed over the cup edge and gently push the top inside. 

Slowly pour hot water (6oz).
Step 6

Slowly pour 170g of hot water into ground coffee.  You can pre-wet the gound coffee and wait for 10 seconds before continuing to pour the rest of the water.  

When water finished dripping, please dispose the single serve coffee filter.
Step 7

Remove the filter when the water drain complete. Enjoy your fresh brewed coffee!

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