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Guatemala Coffee: "A Rainbow of Choices"

In the middle of 18 century, Spanish brought coffee to Guatemala. Many small farmers start to grow coffee and export to Europe. Until now around 50% of Guatemalan works in the coffee industries. Considering the unique volcanoes environment to provide rich soil and it located between Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, it creates a diverse micro-climate around Guatemala. Anacafé has established a Guatemalan Coffees brand, and defined eight coffee regions under the slogan "A Rainbow of Choices". There are 8 regions that produce outstanding coffee, Acatenango, Antigua, Atitlan, Coban, Fraijanes, Huehuetenango, Nueo Oriente and San Macros. Each region product different features of Coffee. Guatemala coffee has good reputation in specialty coffee industry.

Belux Coffee Roasters carried organic coffee from Atitlan region before and now our signature Guatemala is from Huehuetenango. Today our premium coffee, Pacamara, is from Santa Felisa farm located in Acatenango.

Acatenanago region is forested with mountains around volcanoes, it provides a good shade system and rich soil. High elevation with sun-dried and cool ocean flows make coffee beans hard with complexity of flavors. Santa Felisa Estate is one of the three famous coffee estates in the world to create their independent coffee auction. Belux Coffee Roasters built a solid relationship with Antonia, the 4th generation of Santa Felisa farm, from 2016 when we first bid Red Pacamara Natural and won the whole lot. Santa Felisa was established in 1904. Now Meneses Silbling 4th generation, Antonio and Anabella, keep original values of integrity, quality, loyalty and justice to run this coffee estate. Santa Felisa applies the concept of Precisely Agriculture and applies the different methods to develop different flavors during fermentation and dry process and get the great results that fit well with different varietals.

One of Belux Coffee Roasters’ goal is to work directly with coffee estates and bring unique coffee to our customers. Santa Felisa is a 116 years coffee farm located in the Maya area. They apply advanced technology to grow coffee and use innovative processes to develop coffee flavors.

This year we brought back this Red Pacamara from Guatemala Santa Felisa farm again by popular demand  This nano-lot represents one of the best quality Pacamara coffees from Santa Felisa.  It is natural process with yeast fermentation - a full body complex but very balance cup with cupping scores 88.13.  This Pacamara came from the same Coffee Lot from El Paraxaj farm terroir that won the 1st Place CoE in 2017. Available on our website now!

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