We brought back this Red Pacamara from Guatemala Santa Felisa farm again!  This nano lot represents one of the best quality pacamara coffees from Santa Felisa.  It is natural process with yeast fermentation - a full body complex but very balance cup with cupping scores 88.13.  This Pacamara came from the same Coffee Lot from El Paraxaj farm terroir that won the 1st Place CoE in 2017.


About Santa Felisa - 

Since Mr. Trinidad E. Cruz established “Paraxaj” farm in 1904, Meneses Siblings have maintained this long path by keeping original values of integrity, quality, loyalty and justice. The Meneses siblings are now the fourth generation, administering and operating the farm from their “Santa Felisa” headquarters. These values have led them through the always-changing trends of the market.


Anabella, who is Agronomist, Ecologist & Q-Grader, QProcessing Professional; have taken the task to bring farming to the next level, it means creating a concept of Precisely Agriculture at the farm, by analyzing every day the work done under the “Laws of Nature” and the needs of the Community; as it is the control of every single Lot that is Processed at the Farm.  Anabella is researching since 2010 different methods to develop different Flavors during Fermentation and Drying Process, having great results that fit well with different Varieties. 


The art of curating coffee has become more sophisticated now than ever before. In Santa Felisa, they have managed to perfect this art by keeping every single record and improving each process from the seed to the exporting lot. They can balance and intensify characteristics of exotic and elegant coffees. 


Fine tuning the art of producing flavors begins with selecting the best seeds tested in their very own terroir allowing them to grow in the ideal eco-agriculture conditions for coffee; by using Shade Grown Systems and promoting the biodiversity in the plantations and the soil. Then, they select only those ripen cherries ideally at 18-23 Brix. Followed by the fermentation and drying processes with strict monitoring of every action along the way.


Coffee Profile:

  • Country: Guatemala
  • Region: Acatenango
  • Farm: Santa Felisa

  • Elevation: 1650 masl

  • Processing Method: Natural - Wild Yeast Fermentation (Cherries were fermented under anaerobic conditions for 6 days.  Then dried in African beds, avoiding temperatures over 40 degree C.  Processing time 30 days)

  • Aroma & Flavors: Apricot, Caramelized Sugar,Sugary, Caramel, Plum,Sweet, Crystallized Fruits, Fruitsdehydrated, Biscuit, Orange

  • Roast: Medium

Guatemala Red Pacamara Natural 1600 Yeast Fermentation

SKU: 21354654
  • Coffee Beans.  Medium Roast.  Fresh Roasted in U.S.A.

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