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Experience the unique flavors of Geisha, Mandela, and Sidra coffee varieties during our Special Variety Coffee Tasting event.  Join us as we take you on a journey through the renowned Cafe Granja La Esperanza in Colombia's Valle de Cauca region, where these award-winning coffees are produced. Indulge in the floral and jasmine notes of Gesha Natural from Las Margaritas farm, the bright acidity and fruity sweetness of Sidra Natural from Potosi farm, and the complex and citrusy flavors of Mandela Natural from La Esperanza farm. This is a rare opportunity to taste some of the most sought-after coffee varieties in the world, and explore the unique terroir and craftsmanship behind each cup. 


1. Country: Colombia

Region: Valle de Cauca

Farm: Las Margaritas

Variety: Geisha

Altitude: 1,570 - 1,850 meters

Processing: Natural

Fragrance and aroma: Rum, floral, and pineapple.

Taste and aftertaste: Dark chocolate, blackberries, dense and creamy body.


2. Origin: Colombia

Region: Valle de Cauca
Farm: La Esperanza
Variety: Mandela
Altitude: 1.430-1.760 masl

Process: Natural

Fragrance and aroma: Tropical fruits, cherries, and floral.
Taste and aftertaste:  Flavor and residual to plums, white chocolate, delicate, peach, citric acidity and creamy body.


3. Origin: Colombia

Region: Valle de Cauca

Farm: Potosí

Variety: Sidra

Altitude: 1.400-2.000 masl

Process: Natural

Fragrance and aroma: Tropical fruits, grapefruit, floral, and peppermint.
Taste and aftertaste: Red apple, watermelon, green tea, red fruits, cocoa, aromatic, peppermint, citric, mango, malic acidity, creamy body and prolonged residual to guanabana fruit



Special Variety Coffee Tasting - Gesha, Mandela, Sidra

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